Helping strengthen our children’s future, one classroom at a time.


Honor Role is a nonprofit organization that helps Children better prepare for the future ahead, by donating classroom supplies. We believe every child befits by having the basic tools they need to succeed. Class supplies play a critical role in the everyday function of a class room.

When you donate your gently used items to Honor Role, your helping strengthen our community.  Your donations are helping children in your own backyard.


Hello, this is Honor Role. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to education. We know that there is a lot that goes into education and we help with dedicating ourselves to providing teachers with supplies that are needed on a “day to day” basis. Unfortunately, not all children have the basic supplies that are needed when starting the school year. There are some families that may be going through a financial struggle and just can not afford to supply their children with the necessary supplies needed. Because of this, many teachers reach into their personal finances to help their students. Honor Role is hear to help.

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Anything and everything helps. Whether you have used clothes that you can donate, time, or contribute with a donation. We thank you for your time and concern, together we can make a difference!