Our Mission

Through the ROLE you play, we create the pathway to a better future for our future generations.

When you donate your gently used items, your helping strengthen our community.  Your donations are helping children in your own backyard.

As a member of the community from the outside, I assumed the majority of the children in the classrooms come fully prepared to start the school day. My perception of that changed very quickly. Once my oldest began kinder, his loving teacher allowed me to volunteer in the classroom every week. Thats when I realized, children in all our communitys need a little extra help and how much our children are lacking in fundamental classroom supplies. The lack of funding has put a strain on parents and a much larger strain on teachers. We have been so fortunate to have amazing teachers that reach into there own paychecks to help provide supplies need for there students.

Here at Honor Role we thought, why not sell our gently used items to help benefit our classrooms? Thats how our mission was created. We’re a team of parents, teachers and volunteers that want to help make a difference. Every little bit helps!